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Reef Check Malaysia’s EcoAction programme gives everyone the chance to participate in coral reef conservation, by helping to conduct Reef Check surveys.

RCM trains certified divers as ‘EcoDivers’ in a three-day course which enables them to participate in Reef Check surveys that are conducted annually around the country. A combination of community science and conservation, Reef Check is the world's largest international coral reef monitoring programme involving recreational divers and marine scientists. The Reef Check methodology was specially designed to be used by non-scientists. It is a simple coral reef monitoring tool used to assess the health of coral reefs. Once certified, an EcoDiver can participate in Reef Check surveys anywhere in the Indo-Pacific.

Reef Check surveys collect data on selected fish, invertebrates and corals. Results are submitted to Reef Check in the USA, compiled and entered into a worldwide database. Locally, the data and reports from our surveys are circulated to government, media, scientists and other stakeholders. Information collected over a number of years reflects the changing status of coral reefs and what steps can be taken to conserve them. It also helps provide us with sufficient data which is important in making planning and management decisions.

Reef Check Malaysia has been actively involved in monitoring the coral reefs around Malaysia since 2007 and we have successfully trained more than 600 EcoDivers. We carry out annual reef check surveys that cover more than 200 sites every year. In 2015, we successfully surveyed 270 sites around Malaysia, including sites in East Malaysia. We are constantly looking for volunteers to join this programme and help survey Malaysia's coral reefs. Find out how you can get involved.

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Reef Check Malaysia (RCM) is a non-profit organisation that was registered in 2007 to engage with the local community to raise awareness for the importance of, and threats to, coral reefs.


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