Reef Check Malaysia focuses on four core programmes that supplement one another to promote coral reef conservation and management in Malaysia.



Under our EcoAction programme, we train certified divers how to conduct Reef Check surveys, and organise an annual survey of coral reefs around Malaysia. The data collected over time reflect the changing status of coral reefs and indicate what steps can be taken to conserve them. Currently, we monitor over 220 reef sites around Malaysia and we have trained more than 900 EcoDivers.

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RCM contributes towards improving our understanding of coral reef science. We conduct reef rehabilitation programmes in Tioman and Mantanani. We have conducted reef resilience surveys in Tioman, Sibu and Redang, the results of which were used in management plans for the islands. RCM has a Coral Bleaching Response plan that ensures effective communications and coordination of management efforts to protect coral reefs during bleaching events.

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We raise awareness of the importance of coral reefs and the valuable ecosystem services they provide. We are part of the National Management Team of Green Fins, which is an international programme that promotes good diving etiquette. Currently, we have full-time staff based on Tioman Island, Sibu Island, and Mantanani Island running year-long community programmes.

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We believe that without community involvement in the management of marine areas, they will not be successful. One of our goals is to involve local communities in the management and conservation of their island’s resources.

For most of history, man has had to fight nature to survive; in this century he is beginning to realize that, in order to survive, he must protect it.
— Jacques-Yves Cousteau

What We've Achieved in the last 10 years

  • First Reef Check survey programme - 2007

  • “Rainforest to Reef (R2R)” education programme - 2008

  • First Reef Check surveys in Sabah - 2009

  • The “Sustainable Island Programme (SIP)” - 2010

  • Reef resilience and reef rehabilitation efforts began - 2011

  • Office in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah - 2012

  • Monitor and combat fish bombing in Sabah - 2013

  • Office on Tioman Island & “Cintai Tioman” community programme - 2014

  • Co-management approach - 2015

  • Office on Mantanani Island (Sabah) & “Cintai Mantanani” community programme - 2016

  • Published management plans for Tioman, Mantanani and Sibu-Tinggi Islands - 2017

  • Established co-management committee for Sibu-Tinggi Island - 2018